Indoor Time Trial Series

Next Race is Wed Jan 18th! 

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Dec14TT2  Put your skills to the test... How fast can you go?! Pit yourself against the clock and your friends. These performance boosting training sessions will provide an opportunity for you to maintain and build upon the results you obtained over the off-season by staying consistent with your training in a dynamically engaging and interactive method. This series will provide several training courses that will challenge your cycling skills to become a well-rounded total cyclist.

Here's the skinny...Each Time Trial is on a Wednesday night.  The overall series will have multiple courses to test your riding skills. Some flat, some rollers, and some hills. There will be multiple heats each session.  Race against the clock and track your performance. A detailed race report will be emailed to each athlete immediately after the heat is finished. Athletes should arrive at least 15-20 minutes early so we can set up your bike and give you a chance to warm up. If you like, you can bring your home trainer or rollers to warm up on.

Registration for the Indoor Time Trial is easy: 1) Buy CompuTrainer ride credits and then 2) Sign up on the schedule for the Time Trial just like you would for any other training session.


1 Dan McCabe 20:36.72 24.53 330
2 Kyle Thetonia 22:06.31 22.88 301
3 Tom Fleck 22:16.24 22.7 293
4 Jon "Monty" Moriarty 22:53.09 22.11 265
5 Jim Dandeneau 23:22.2 21.64 265
6 Mike McCabe 24:27.40 20.68 244
7 Richard Cole 24:54.79 20.3 222
8 Joe DeBlois 25:36.00 19.75 230
9 Lars Heise 26:10.42 19.32 203
10 Jeff Sweeney 26:36.51 19 221
11 Greg Buckley 26:41.14 18.95 197
12 Beth Goldrosen 27:48.15 18.19 164
13 Bill Ingraham 28:30.06 17.74 170
14 Amy Carlson 29:24.25 17.2 150

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